14th Episode/Installment of “Networking @ Its Finest w/Sandra Sawyer, Esq.”

Join me this Sunday (4/14/13) @ 7:30pmEST for the 14th episode/installment of “Networking @ Its Finest” and hear my Hot Off the Presses Interview with my Biz Partner (a.k.a. one of Networking’s Finest), Health & Wellness consultant and Entrepreneur, Denise Whitehead! Denise is a “WOW” lady “a Woman of Widowhood” Denise has been working since she was 14 years old and has been in the legal field for the past 23 years, working as a legal secretary/paralegal. Her first introduction to entrepreneurship was at the age of 7 and in her now moments of adult life entrepreneurship is her heart’s desire. She has a passion to become a full-time entrepreneur, so she can live out her dreams and goals and in turn, teach and encourage others to do the same.

***New*** Live Dial-in-Number: (209) 255-1000, Access code: 120924#. You don’t want to miss it!

***New*** Replay Number: (209) 255-1099, Access code: 120924#, then Reference #: 5*** You don’t want to miss it, again!

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