26th Episode/Installment of Networking @ Its Finest w/Sandra Sawyer, Esq.

Join me LIVE this Sunday (1/12/14) @ 7pmEST for the 26th episode/installment of “Networking @ Its Finest” as featured on BlogTalk Radio: “Live in Your NOW with Dr. Lucille Farrell-Scott.” Tune in & hear my Hot Off the Press Interview with one of Networking’s Finest: Denotra Robbins! Denotra is an Entrepreneur with passion for training & has earned her degree in Organizational Management. As such, she has a passion for helping & advising singles on how to prepared for a healthy & successful relationship with their desired mate. Her upcoming trainings & seminars are designed & built with a strong foundation on God, His love as well as self love. Denotra has embarked on her journey of training & teaching on BlogTalk Radio with her show entitled “Living Single Successfully with Denotra Robbins” as well as via her YouTube channel.

Click the link below to hear her story, her journey at the time noted above… You don’t want to miss it!

Networking @ Its Finest w/Sandra Sawyer, Esq. NOW being featured on BlogTalk Radio

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