28th Episode/Installment of Networking @ Its Finest w/Sandra Sawyer, Esq.

Join me LIVE Sunday (2/9/14) @ 7pmEST for the 28th episode/installment of “Networking @ Its Finest” as featured on BlogTalk Radio: “Live in Your NOW with Dr. Lucille Farrell-Scott.” Tune in & hear my Hot Off the Press Interview with one of Networking’s Finest: Professor & Author, Dr. Antoinette Smith! PhD In Business, Dr. Smith is the recipient of several awards, including South Florida’s Top Black Educational Leader for 2013 as well as a number of scholarships and grants, but never has she been so proud of the moment when she walked boldly in her ability to balance being a wife, mother, friend, mentor, professor at FIU, faculty member of PhD Pipeline, PhD Project, Florida Education Fund & researcher. In addition to her numerous professional accolades, Dr. Smith’s talents allows her to bring out your personal best. She has always lived with a purpose and a desire to help others succeed by helping individuals step outside their comfort zone, rise to new levels in life and persevere through their challenges. Thus, writing a book that focuses specifically on successful, highly independent women is just another avenue to assist both men and women succeed at home.

Click the link below to hear her story, her journey at the time noted above… You don’t want to miss it!

Networking @ Its Finest w/Sandra Sawyer, Esq. NOW being featured on BlogTalk Radio

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