35th Episode/Installment of Networking @ Its Finest w/Sandra Sawyer, Esq.

Join me LIVE this Sunday (6/8/14) @ 7pmEST for the 35th episode/installment of “Networking @ Its Finest” as featured on BlogTalk Radio: “Live in Your NOW with Dr. Lucille Farrell-Scott.” Tune in & hear my Hot Off the Press Interview with one of Networking’s Finest: Veteran’s Claims Agent, Collin Douglas. Mr. Douglas is a former Rating Specialist and Retired Army Warrant Officer and as a result, he understands firsthand the challenges and frustrations associated with applying for Veterans’ Benefits. Collin is an accredited claims agent certified by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) for preparation, presentation and prosecution of claims for the veteran’s benefits before the VA.

After completing his undergraduate degree from Montclair State University (NJ), Collin worked for 19 years with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs in their Newark (NJ), Baltimore (MD) and Atlanta (GA) regional offices. He has held the positions of Unit Chief, Veterans’ Benefits Trainer and Rating Specialist. Collin has wide, well-versed experience with the VA Benefits Network Delivery System. He also served as the coordinator for a VA program establishing a one stop exit, allowing veterans separating from the military to have a Rating Decision in hand upon their exit from the service. Collin is now even more committed to the cause of helping Veterans receive the benefits they are due as CEO/Owner of Veteran’s Rating Consultant (VRC)!


Click the link below to hear his story, his journey at the time noted above… You don’t want to miss it!

NOTE: In the event that you do miss it, the recorded episode is always available by utilizing the same link below.

Networking @ Its Finest w/Sandra Sawyer, Esq. NOW being featured on BlogTalk Radio

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