Fit & Fun Fridays w/Fitness Coach, Judi Rodgers on Networking @ Its Finest w/Sandra Sawyer, Esq.

Are you a “Weekend Warrior”? 

It’s when you save your best all me time to get physically active. Perhaps you get one or two workout sessions during the week, but come Saturday (or early Sunday) mornings, afternoons or even evenings, it’s your time to go full out.

Outside activities are encouraged wholeheartedly, especially now during the summer months. However, watch your weather temps and choose wisely the time of day to exert yourself.

Boot camps are both challenging and rewarding; there are many different types to choose from in your area, inhale fresh air during your sweat.  Go swimming! Don’t have a pool? Find a friend or family member who has one (crash/invite time) or treat yourself or family to a weekend hotel stay and jump in.

Find a 5k run/walk.

Want to go mild in movements; get in a Yoga or Pilate’s class for strengthening stretches and power breathing.

(You can join me for my Cardio-Pilates class…it revs the heart up and leaves your body refreshed.)

Well, get a buddy and start planning some “out of the box” fun every weekend.

What’s your jockey jam event for the weekend that’s beyond the gym treadmill, elliptical rider?  Talk to me.

Coach Judi©

Judi Rodgers is a certified “Lifestyle Fitness Coach” (fondly known as “Coach Judi”) who has been called to lead and support others in the arena of Health and Fitness. For more fitness tips & to check out her upcoming events, classes, etc. visit her Facebook page: J. R. Fitness Coach

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